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Deep groove ball bearing

·Application: VOLVO
·Accel No(C. Disc): CL1975
·Ref. No: 1878002437
·Dimension: 400*250*10*50.8
·Spring or Rubber: 2S*6
On sale: 400.00
Price: 500.00


structure type

 Deep groove ball bearings have a variety of structural forms. In addition to general open bearings, users can also provide users with single-sided dust cover, double-sided dust cover, single-sided seal ring and double-sided seal ring structure.  All kinds of sealed bearings.  All kinds of sealed bearings are filled with grease before the bearing leaves the factory, and users do not need to clean and add grease when installing and using them.  In addition, a deep groove ball bearing with a stop groove on the outer ring can be provided. Because this bearing uses a stop ring to easily fix the bearing in the bearing box, it should be given priority when the installation location is restricted.


 Deep groove ball bearings mostly use solid cages, but also can use steel stamping wave cages, nylon plastic cages or cageless bearings.

Allowable axis angle error

 The bearing can allow the relative inclination of the inner and outer rings (according to the bearing clearance)




Radial clearance            Allowable tilt angle

0 group


3 sets of


4 sets of                    18


   The use is widely used in car wheels, gearboxes, twisters, internal combustion engines, electric motors, rolling mills, agricultural machinery, universal electric motors, household appliances, construction machinery, railway vehicles, instruments, and more.